Try out days

Try out days for the IB programme at Katedralskolan in Uppsala

The Programme consists of:

  • Information about the IB programme
  • Visiting a lesson
  • Lunch 

The dates available are: 
2nd December, 9th of December, 13th of January or 20th of January 11:30-14:30 
3rd December, 10th of December, 14th of January or 21st of January 11:00-14:00 

There is going to be a maximum of 10 pupils for each session. 
If the sessions will be filled up, we will offer further ones later on in the year. 
If you are interested send a mail to indicating what session(s) would work out best for you. If you want to go with some of your friends, you can write a common message. 
Most Welcome 
Björn Swartling Head of IB 
Therese Skytt IB Coordinator 

27 oktober 2021